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Precision is a common aspect that governs most of strategically important industries related to IT, BT, NT and aerospace technology. In response to ever-growing demands on precision, various laser sources have been used to attain sub-wavelength precision in many fields of fabrication and measurements by means of photons. The precision-directed laser photonics will continue to advance to the direction of ultraprecision to achieve better resolutions, larger functional ranges, higher throughputs, and more improved stability. However, the light sources available today are limited in the wavelength bandwidth, photon energy, spatial and temporal coherence, and peak power, which consequently hinders breakthroughs toward the realm of ultraprecision. The objective of this research is to investigate the technological possibilities of femtosecond lasers with the aim of establishing the new foundation for ultraprecision that will enable nano-fabrication and metrology over extensive ranges as demanded in the next generation of precision engineering. To the end, a systematic approach will be pursued to generate noble coherent light sources covering the whole optical spectrum spanning from THz waves to X-ray radiation by making the most of ultrafast femtosecond laser pulses.